Little bit about this show….. We all went to high school together so there’s still a lot of stupid immaturity when we get together, but could make for good content. Also, we all live in different states and this is a good excuse to all get together for some laughs. 

Why conspiracy theories? Well, I personally enjoy reading conspiracy theories because of the potential of truth and questioning the official narrative. Some of our topics might seem to be obviously bullshit, or stupid, or easily disproved, but it’s worth noting people’s ability to think outside the box.

There is no such thing as settled science. That’s what makes it science. It’s ever changing. Things we thought we knew, we don’t. Things we didn’t know, we do. Or so we think. So let’s try to keep an open mind here and not TOTALLY shit on these ideas and theories.

If we discuss anything that you believe, don’t get upset if we get something wrong or make fun, I’m sure there’s something we believe that you think is wrong because we’re just dumb idiots.